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Seeking Something website is designed with the idea to support people, businesses, entreprenuers and merchants. One website helping many small and large businesses as well as individuals all tied into one. We expect, as members continue to join and add their services; websites; ads and products, the website will enhance your ability to find what you seek.

The Enterprise is designed to support true networking connectivity; business to business, customer to customer, friend to friend, and people to people.

Seeking Something Enterprise is in the business to help people in all areas of life. People looking to network with each other and support one another; employers seeking employees, small business getting started and educational ebooks and software to help individuals on their way to success. The website has links to current news, weather, maps, medical advice, and finances. It has the search engine ability to search the World Wide Web, or only Seeking Something website; and a built in members only search engine

PaytoAdvertise is the search engine solution for Seeking Something Enterprise. The search engine is another effective way to get your business, ad, website links visible and on the internet. Below is a search engine field linked to Paytoadvertise. The search engine is specific to Seeking Something Enterprise. Meaning, thousands of people and businesses visit our website every day; therefore, if you add your "key word"; let's say, "books", into Paytoadvertise, a link to your website with your description will appear at the top of the search. When vistors visit Seeking Something Enterprise and type in the word "books"; BANG, your linked site and description will be at the top. Key word placement is based on the price of the "keyword", at that time.

Community Advertisers and Store members will benefit greatly as a member of Seeking Something Enterprise; not only will they get visability in the community, but also within the Seeking Something search engine, Website Advance search, and added to the Members Only Website. Another great benefit to members is the search engine is specific to Seeking Something Enterprise Enterprise Members only; so you will not be competing with the giant search engines such as; Google, Yahoo, or MSN, but only those members who added their "key word" in Seeking Something Pay to Advertise search engine.

So Advertise and Get visible! Get Noticed! Find your keyword and category and start advertising Today!

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